Back to work

After a long overdue vacation, we are all back and ready to go at it; refreshed, re-energized and all tanned up.


You know you work hard each and every day but you never truly realize it until you come back from a vacation. Our wonderful staff all went off to enjoy other provinces with their families this year.  Sherry and Carolyn went to Ontario and spent some long overdue visiting with family and friends.  So nice to see that happen every so often.  Family is always needed, and friends are always there too.  Plus, I have been hearing that their weather was a wee bit warmer than here!


Clare went off to Newfoundland to enjoy her family.  A wonderful daughter and new granddaughter (6 months old).  Lots of snuggles and walks and sightseeing.  A wonderful time.


While these are our travelers, Dr. Clarke and myself stayed here on the home front.  Dr. Clarke is settling down nicely in his new home that he and his wife bought here in our very own Springhill.


I spent the long weekend along the surf just across the New Brunswick border on the Northumberland Straight.  Fantastic beach, friends and relaxation.


Back and at it full force.  We are open and ready to go.


Smiles all around,