Conquering Your Fears


We understand that for individuals who suffer from dental anxiety, it can be very stressful to book and attend your dental appointments. One important thing to know is that you are not alone: dental fear is extremely common, and we witness it on a daily basis in our clinic. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from our years of experience, it’s that it can be overcome.


At the end of the day, conquering your fear of the dentist is not so different than conquering other fears. We recently watched an excellent video of Will Smith discussing how he copes with his own fears, and thought we would share what we learned with you.



In the video, Will Smith talks about his experience preparing to jump out of a plane, and how his initial fear was for nothing. He explains how on the evening before his skydiving appointment he was anxious and couldn’t sleep, and that on the morning of he wasn’t even able to enjoy his breakfast. All of his fear was bottling up — but when it came to finally go through with it, the actual skydiving experience was great.


His key message is that it is often the thoughts and feelings you let yourself experience before the event that is the true source of fear and anxiety, even more so than the event itself. Or to quote Franklin D. Roosevelt: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”


One of the best ways to conquer your fear is to focus on the outcome that you’re aiming for. In this case, the outcome is that you’ll have a healthy smile that you can be proud of for life! Another way is to ask questions, since the experience will likely be much less frightening than you think it will.


If you’re fearful of the dentist, the Elm team is here to help you relax and actually enjoy your visit to our clinic. We’re able to answer any and all questions in order alleviate any worries. Whether you’re scared of potential pain, loss of control, embarrassment, or your own past negative experiences, we work with every member of our patient family to reduce their stress and fear as much as possible.


If you fear the dentist, you’re not alone — because we are always here for you!