Halloween Tips for Your Teeth

At Elm Dental, we are often asked about Halloween Candy. Luckily, we don’t believe that your child enjoying these seasonal treats automatically equals cavities. So with this in mind, we have come up with a handy trick to help protect your child against tooth decay, while still being able to enjoy what Halloween has to offer!

Set a Treat Time:

Set a time of day for your child to eat Halloween candy. This set “treat time” may last long after Halloween, and help promote healthy snacking habits. Your children will then learn that eating candy isn’t meant to be an all-day feast. Moderation is of course key. If your child knows they have a specific treat time, it will help them be less inclined to think about eating sweets throughout the day.

Another great advantage about scheduling a specific treat time, is you can make sure your child brushes and flosses directly afterwards, to avoid sugar lingering on their teeth.

Happy Halloween from the Elm Dental Team!