The New Elm Dental!

It’s exciting to see all of the new things happening in Springhill! We have just completed a major renovation of Elm Dental. Almost every inch of our office has been refreshed and we’ve purchased brand new state of the art equipment. The renovation was a lot of work, but for me the fun part came when I was able to help decide not only what colour the walls would be (Misty Valley, Winter Sky and Latte) but where to move the walls! We also picked out new flooring, selected furniture and even chose new art work.

Our main goal during the renovation was to work with local suppliers as much as possible. This is important to us as we want to invest in the future of Springhill. We used Halex Construction for the renovations, the graphics company was Larry Hunter Sign Design, and we used Acadian Printing in Amherst for our printing. Every supplier was efficient and it was a pleasure dealing with everyone mentioned.

The new artwork in our office is what I’m really excited to you about that! We’re thrilled to announce an arrangement with the local gallery Amherst Artisan Gallery. We will rent artwork from local artists that we will rotate on a 6 month basis to keep it fresh. Every time you come for your check up and cleaning you will have new artwork to view. Be sure to tell us which your favorite is!

Don’t take my word for it though, see for yourself at our Open House on Wednesday November 4th, 2015. You can meet the team, see the changes and have some goodies.

elm 2 image-25-09-15-01-04

We hope to see you there!