“They’re Only Baby Teeth!”

To be honest, that quote is just not true at all; your baby teeth are extremely important! Baby teeth play many roles, including helping with eating, talking, smiling, and most essentially, they maintain the proper spacing for those all-important adult teeth later in life.

Start early and often, even before the first tooth appears, with daily oral hygiene for your child. A soft, clean, wet cloth or a rubber padded infant toothbrush can be gently rubbed on your baby’s gums, helping to remove any sugar bugs from milk, juice, and foods eaten.

This will help the child to get used to cleaning activities sooner rather than later. You can also start bringing your child into the dental office as early as a year-old, to help get them used to the lights, sounds, and smells of the dental office.

Remember: infants are not born with a sweet tooth. We create those proclivities by introducing them to sweet foods and drinks which are loaded with sugar. They will enjoy those foods, of course, but you must also give them the chance to develop a taste for all-natural, sugarless foods. By avoiding sugary foods and drinks, not only are you helping to create good eating habits for your child, but you can also lessen the chances of them catching dental caries as young as 6-months-old (or when their first teeth come in).

Call the Elm Dental office today, to start your child on their dental adventure toward a healthy and happy mouth!