We would like to welcome Dr. Gary Clarke to our team at Elm Dental

The renovations continue here at Elm Dental, we have added a new canopy to our main entrance and we are getting a ton of compliments on it! Can you believe that there are people in our area that didn’t even know we are right here on Main Street?  Now, you can definitely see us with the help of our new canopy!  We would like to welcome everyone to come, visit and have a tour of our office. We are really proud of it.


image-19-10-15-05-25 (1)


We’ve also added new team members. Carolyn is our new Registered Dental Assistant; she has been a dental assistant for over 20 years. Our patients are loving her and you will be able to tell who she is immediately when you come to our office, she is the cute one with the red braids.




Dr. Gary Clarke is also a recent addition to our team.  Our Elm Dental Team now includes three dentists.  Dr. Mohamed Al-Janabi, Dr. William Wong, and Dr. Gary Clarke.  Dr. Clarke has come to love Springhill like we all do, so much so, that he has moved here and bought a home.  Welcome to Springhill Dr. Clarke!


dr clarke


There will be more to come and we will make sure that we tell you all about it.  Happy Summer!